Clarion Programmer

We are developing a core technology to allow Clarion Programs to evolve quickly to a Microsoft .net web based Technology.

SQL Conversions

Convert your Clarion program to a SQL database quickly. With our tools you get a fast conversion and we'll help your current developers finalize the process with a system review.

Internet Conversions

Enhance your existing Clarion program to run on the Web. We use Microsoft-based tools to get the job done. Our Powerfull Web List product allows to develop many pages without writing codes and provide a high degree of end-user flexibility.

Internet Applications

Develop complete Internet solutions or portals into your existing applications. We use code generators with generated code to build applications quickly.

Ask Yourself...

  • Do I need quality programs at reasonable prices using an automated conversion tool?

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Clarion Programmer is located in Long Lake, MN. We sell software globally. Call us for fast web site development , SQL Conversions, Clarion, and database applications using the tools that we are developing.